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Does the Kawasaki Vulcan work with the Duo?

Yes, the Kawasaki Vulcan with the K10400-040 iPod kit works with the CoolStream Duo.  The Duo plugs into the 30-Pin iPod connector of this cable (K10400-040) and gives you Bluetooth streaming to the Kawasaki stereo. This setup will work for all Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad / Voyager/ Vaquero models. The CoolStream Duo works with all iPhone models and Android phones.

Duo works with kawasaki K10400-040 iPod kit
CoolStream Duo on Kawasaki K10400-040 iPod cable

Once you pair your iPhone or Android to the CoolStream Duo, you can stream music or Podcasts.  The Duo will power on when you start the Kawasaki’s engine and automatically re-connect to your phone.  The Duo does NOT support the handlebar controls for song forward or song back.  Also, there is NO support for song or artist display. The volume button on the handlebars will work.

For handlebar controls to work, check out the CoolStream CarPro.  The CarPro WILL support song forward, song back, artist display, and volume control from the handlebars.

For more information about compatible (and non-compatible) cars, check out the Car Compatibility page.

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